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Bathroom Staging Tips that get your HOUSE SOLD!

Now, I am not an expert stager. I don't have any formal staging experience. What I do have is a "Sold" sign. In two days. Two days from showings to contract. So let me share what I did in hopes that it will help you sell your house.

First things first.

I know, I know, you want to rush out and get the cute sign or plant the colorful plants. But hold on. Every single article I read, every video I watched, every realtor or house seller or possible buyer tells you that there are two things you have to do first. You have to declutter and you have to clean.

How you possibly do that when you have 4 kids and two dogs I can't tell you because fortunately for me, it was just my adult son, my hubby and me. And my son moved out before the actual listing date. But what I do know is that I had 5 years to think about what I wanted my house to look like when I did actually put the For Sale sign on it. I really started the decluttering process about a year before I wanted to list the house. So when I was about to put the house on the market, I started emptying room by room, closet by closet. Then I painted Every. Single. Inch. Then I shut the door so things wouldn't migrate back into that room.

I put those things together and was pleased with the monochromatic beige and white color combination, but once placed in the closet it still looked empty. Was I going to have to go out and spend $50 to $100 on towels that I really didn't need? White fluffy towels are supposed to convey luxury. I arranged the things I had and shut the door and wandered the house. What do I have that was white that would be appropriate in a bathroom closet. And then it hit me- well jeez, paper towels and good ole toilet paper would do the trick. Not only would they help convey the color scheme that I liked, it conveys the idea that there is a lot of storage space in that bathroom.So I unwrapped several rolls and came up with a design that was pleasing. It filled the space, but it wasn't too full (leave lots of space, it convinces the buyers that all of their stuff will fit!).

If you need inspiration in a bathroom, choose your shower curtain carefully. A few years before I put the house on the market we had retiled. Now when I choose tile, I like to mix and match. I mix a few expensive looking tiles with matching inexpensive subway tiles available anywhere. It is like wearing a diamond necklace with a simple black dress. You look like a million bucks. The pretty tiles are the ones I wanted to draw attention to, so those were the ones I matched the shower curtain to. (If you don't need a shower curtain, you can add trim to towels, or buy pretty towels). And now use that color scheme throuout the rest of the bathroom. I also added inexpensive pictures in frames and decor in that same pallette to accuntuate the colors.

But by far, the most important thing in a bathroom is to clean it before you start, and keep it clean. Not the "swish the toilet bowl brush a few times and it is done" clean but the "clean the tiles, clean the grout, clean under the rim of the toilet bowl (pumice stones are AMAZING!), and make all the metal SHINE!" kind of clean. The decor will will tie everything together, but remember to start with a CLEAN slate!

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