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How to set Crafty Goals for 2020

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Whether you craft as a business, as a side hustle, or just because it is a creative release, there is no reason why you shouldn't set goals for crafting.

Why set goals for crafting?

Have you ever seen a project idea and thought to yourself "I have everything I need to make that myself", but you never quite get it done? Or do you have a stash of fabric, yarn, scrapbook paper that you swear you will work through before you go buy more? Or a birthday,holiday special event is coming up and you want to make something special? These are all crafting projects that could easily be accomplished by goal setting.

And as a bonus, isn't it always nice when you set a goal for yourself and you actually achieve it?

Smart goals,crafty goals

What is a good goal?

A goal isn't just a passing thought: "Someday I'll get back to flower arranging". Use the acronym SMART to remember these characteristics of a good goal:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant

  • Timebound*

*(Not to get too deep here, but note that under the Timebound characteristic it says: "Will this goal help me with my vision and does it align with my values." You should have a vision of the kind of life you want to have and also, if your goals do not align with your values, you will find ways to avoid completing the goal.)

And, by the way, the SMART goals aren't just for crafting, SMART goals are frequently used in businesses. They work for everyone from CEOs to part time employees. You can use them in setting your educational goals also!

Think Big Picture first...

Maybe you want to knit hats for newborns at the local hospital and donate your unused crochet books to a nursing home. Really, what you want to do is share, donate,or give. (You are a nice person!) So the keyword here could be Donate. Then you can write down all of the different ways you want to Donate. Keep it simple.

Here are my goals for 2020:

The Knitty Gritty

If you are goal setting for the year, REALISTICALLY what do you hope to accomplish? It is OK to reach for the stars. If you only hit the moon you are still a winner. If it is a big goal with lots of individual tasks, write down the tasks. Getting detailed here can be helpful, but don't get bogged down in insignificant minutia.

Then break it down for the upcoming month. Write down a monthly portion of your goals. It is OK if you leave some off, and it is OK if you add some for that month specifically. Remember, the goals have to be attainable. and if you have absolute due dates, note that. Also note times that you know you will not have available for crafting, like a work conference, or company in town.

Now using a calendar, fill in your tasks.

Craft your plan and plan your crafts!

You can even break it down into weekly and even daily goals. Here is a weekly version:

And that is pretty much all you need to do. Well, except to actually do what you set for yourself.

I find that I need to keep the goals in front of me as a reminder of what I promised myself I was going to do. I use two different tactics for this: Either I take a picture on my phone and use it as a screen saver, or I keep a printed copy in an area I see everyday, like my room where I get dressed or on my refrigerator. You also could put the individual tasks as reminders on your phone.

So what do I do when I cannot accomplish what I set out for myself? First of all, if unforeseen circumstances came up that were unavoidable, I forgive myself and move on. I add the incomplete tasks to the next month. Anything that was promised to another person is usually the first thing I accomplish, but there are times that,well, life happens. And if it happens too often, well, that is when you need to take a good look at your goals and maybe back off until life calms down (It does happen, believe me) And use it as a learning experience on how much you should schedule. If you don't hit your goals because it is hard to throw clay when the Hallmark channel is having a marathon of your favorite movies all month, well, maybe your goals need to be more aligned with your passions. (can you make mosaics in clay WHILE you are watching TV???)

For more Crafty Goal inspiration check this out: Follow my journey and see how I choose my goals and if I actually accomplish what I set out to do. Or join in and set your own Crafty Goals. It is the SMART thing to do!

Debbie Pasierb is the creator of the Project39 Mini Albums channel on YouTube as well as a shop owner on Etsy and She has a love of all things paper and needs to set goals to reduce her stash so it all fits in the RV she and her husband live in as they travel the United States.

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