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What is a mini album?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

What is a Mini Album?

To tell you what a Mini Album is, I am going to describe two very different days in the life of a fictitious person names Sidney.

Day One. We will call this an ordinary day. Actually, let's call it "A Day in the Life". We take pictures of the day, waking up in favorite PJ's, morning coffee, going out to water the plants, going to work or school, hanging out with friends, maybe taking in a show, then cooking the favorite dinner of the day and finally, the night time routine. All pretty boring stuff.

But what would make this a compelling story is the setting. Lets say that Sidney was your grandparent. Wouldn't it be interesting to have a pictorial description along with handwriting of what that day actually entailed? Or for something more recent- suppose you were the person and this is from maybe just 10 years ago and you were showing your child how your day was from the not so distant past. So many life lessons could be gleaned from just a small book.

Now let's go to Day Two. Sidney is photographed with a sleepy smile with the background showing a peek of the wedding attire. As the day progresses, more preparations are the focus until the big moment when the actual wedding ensues. Then lots of pictures of guests and food and decorations and finally the send off. These pictures could go in a regular album, but a smaller mini album with journaling of the thoughts and descriptions and feelings of the day would make a more personal reminder of everything that went into the day. Which would you rather look at a week or a month or years down the road. Just an assortment of pictures or select photos and a few words that convey the feelings that went into that day.

Hence, that is where we can see the magic of the mini!

A mini album can be handmade. It can be 3" X 3" or larger. 6"X 6" is a common size. You can put in 10 photos or 100 depending on the book. It normally is made from scrapbook paper and features embellishments such as paper flowers and metal or paper accents. It is painstakingly bound with different type of systems; accordion binding or rings or wire binding. Some have pockets and flaps and most are interactive. But all can be personalized and can either be for one event or just a composition of photos of one person or place or family.

Mini albums are so much more than just a place to put photos. Check one out today!

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