Imagine That! Mini Album for Photos and Journaling

Imagine That! Mini Album for Photos and Journaling

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Imagine That! Mini Album for photos and Journaling!

Do you know a youngster who has an out of this world imagination? And you have colorful pictures galore about the schemes they think up?

You will love the bright colors of this mini album. It is approximately 7X7 with the pages 6 1/4 X 6 1/4 and LOTS of room to add photos and journal about your favorite adventuring boy or girl.

The theme is "You can do anything you want to do" you just need to imagine it. Imagine if you were a pirate and you sail the seas with dolphins and sharks and whales? Or imagine that you are an astronaut and soar in the skies? OR imaging that you are with the Wright Brothers and can fly where ever you want?

You have so much room to add 4X6 photos, even more if you crop them down a bit. There is room to add journaling with journal cards or just let the pictures tell the story. There is even a dinosaur charm on the spine of the book for added fun!
This is a great book for a new baby or toddler or young man or lady!